Why Welty Pools.

There could be hundreds of reasons to invest in a new pool or update an existing one, or maybe you are thinking about adding a fire pit, water fall, a new veranda, or outdoor kitchen – everyone has a different reason.   The real question is “what company will you choose to install your pool or upgrades.”   Don’t get caught up in gimmicks or be pressured by aggressive sales companies.  Welty Pools is a full service provider with experience and knowledge, service and quality, along with an excellent track record and reputation who is certified with the Better Business Bureau.  Locally owned and operated.
Welty Pools are always built with pride.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Anyone who lives in the southwest United States knows that summers can be brutal.  What better way to beat the heat than with a custom pool and recreation area in your own back yard?  Did you know there are health benefits of owning a pool also?   Pools offer several health and wellness advantages.  Studies show swimming helps humans sleep more soundly and helps to promote a healthier lifestyle.  Swimming is also one of the only activities that helps build endurance, strength, as well as cardio vascular fitness at the same time.  Swimming is also known to alleviate stress and studies have shown that swimming also improves flexibility, posture, as well as coordination.  Pools are good for joints and are often used as low impact therapy.

Family, Friends, and Personal Satisfaction

Pools help create the ultimate backyard getaway!  Not only does a pool add to the aesthetic look of your home, but can add value to homes.  Pools are often built to be the focal point of the landscape.  Beyond the aesthetic advantages, pools bring people together and provide a perfect atmosphere for entertaining.  Pools act as a social hub, not to mention they also keep the kids and grand-kids active on those hot summer days by giving them an enjoyable and entertaining activity at the safety of your own home.  Pools are the perfect social event as well as family event.  A swimming pool coupled with an outdoor kitchen can provide countless hours of entertainment and relaxation for grilling with friends, cooking Saturday brunch, or just relaxing with family, friends, or neighbors.   Don’t forget a fire-pit for romantic evenings sitting in cool water while watching the stars or making S’mores and toasting marshmallows.   The possibilities are endless…


Built With Pride